Toon Boom Harmony Rigging on Resuce Bots Academy

I worked as a rigger on Resuce Bots Academy with Boulder Media Ltd for 18 months . It airs on Discovery Family in the USA, but is not available in Europe at the moment. The trailer is here.

It was a mixture of full envelope deformation rigging and drawing substations.

Here is a small selection of the characters I rigged.

All copyright Hasbro and Boulder Media Ltd

Rigging on Dorothy & the Wizard of Oz – 00.32sec onwards (Wheeler rigs in action!) – 00.52 sec onwards for chef rig, and 01.03 sec for munchkin rig

I rigged things on Dorothy & the Wizard of Oz! It was the first show I worked on as a Toon Boom Harmony rigger. I started on props & worked my way up to incidental characters. I rigged on Littlest Peg Shop for a short time after that.  Now I rig on Rescue Bots Academy and rig main and incidental characters.