Fighting Words

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Fighting Words is an amazing organisation that teaches kids and adults how to write creative stories. We had the privilege of turning one of these stories, Ghost Quest, into an animated short. It was such a rewarding project to help out on, despite the very tight deadlines and the crazy textures!!! We tried very hard to match the drawings given to us by the 15 kids who worked on this project, aged 11-13. They wrote a crazy story and drew some crazy characters, but it’s amazing! I just love it!



Toon Boom Harmony Rigging on Resuce Bots Academy

I worked as a rigger on Resuce Bots Academy with Boulder Media Ltd for 18 months . It airs on Discovery Family in the USA, but is not available in Europe at the moment. The trailer is here.

It was a mixture of full envelope deformation rigging and drawing substations.

Here is a small selection of the characters I rigged.

All copyright Hasbro and Boulder Media Ltd

Rigging on Dorothy & the Wizard of Oz – 00.32sec onwards (Wheeler rigs in action!) – 00.52 sec onwards for chef rig, and 01.03 sec for munchkin rig

I rigged things on Dorothy & the Wizard of Oz! It was the first show I worked on as a Toon Boom Harmony rigger. I started on props & worked my way up to incidental characters. I rigged on Littlest Peg Shop for a short time after that.  Now I rig on Rescue Bots Academy and rig main and incidental characters.