Toon Boom Harmony Career Camp

I did the Toon Boom Harmony career camp in Dublin this weekend. Animated this little guy. It’s the first time I’ve actually animated in Toon Boom, usually I just rig the characters. Such a tiny, simple little animation, but I had so much fun doing it! Need to do more!


Toon Boom took a really nice pic at it, so….yoink!!!


Inktober 2017

Inktober 2017 # 11: Run


Inktober 2017 # 10: Gigiantic


Inktober 2017 # 09: Screech


Inktober 2017 # 08: Crooked


Inktober 2017 # 07: Shy


Inktober 2017 # 06: Sword


Inktober 2017 # 05: Long


Inktober 2017 # 04: Underwater


Inktober 2017 # 03: Poison


Inktober 2017 # 02: Divided


Inktober 2017 # 11: Run

Inktober 2017 # 01: Swift

Inktober 2016

Inktober 2015

Hadn’t started out thinking I would do fan art this Inktober, but once I started I really enjoyed studying other people’s work so I just kept going with it! So most of this Inktober’s posts were fan art in the end.

12186407_10207009877101901_5863036707911109478_o12185451_10207009787259655_888538278271353867_o12194504_10207009912382783_8310004656836300925_o12185337_10207007789569714_5125625929551387435_o11165067_10207007597964924_1064437530822931221_o10571980_10207007361039001_1044172262395431597_o12186534_10207003119012953_6069415244732498809_o12186538_10207000514187834_5231680303902417026_o (1)12186466_10207003118412938_4062883992980579867_o12186295_10207003118012928_4590448180875640961_o12186603_10207003117412913_8272237037031480582_o12186401_10207003117012903_5307478293536854781_o12189478_10207003116452889_6607869536064133145_o12183769_10207003115332861_1562491310557451877_o12189443_10207000515547868_1464773267900858486_o (1)10463859_10206959823210585_8147787410256101049_o12186476_10207009923383058_4463756998558929265_o12029819_10206958982549569_1702822089601207411_o

Herobear fan art


The Crow


The Crow


Gris Grimly fan art


Gris Grimly fan art


Tim Sale – The Last Halloween fan art

12164972_10206924548208732_1632507846_o   10991672_10206905350128792_6190649312644613551_o


Ororo – xmen fan art


Avatar: The Last Airbender fan art


Avatar: The Last Airbender fan art

12164502_10206903408960264_1013983808_o    12165237_10206904265821685_86476184_o

Herobear fan art


A little behind in Inktober this year, but updating this post as I go!

Messy Goes To Okdio showreel

Here is a small selection of the show I’ve been working on for the last year and a half. I was a 2D After Effects asset builder and animator on the show.

My showreel shows graphic sequences where Zim and Zam explain the science bits, 2D animation synced with the 3D animation and 2D effects (like weather, water and smoke). I also took camera moves and render mattes from 3DS Max to combine the 2D and 3D animation for animation previews.