Toon Boom Panel Discussion

I was so delighted to participate in a panel discussion with Joe Sutherland and Christina Halstead for Toon Boom. We chatted about our careers and the different directions a career in the animation industry can take you. If you’re interested in a career in animation, hopefully you might hear something helpful 🙂

Thanks for having me Toon Boom!


I am so lucky to be involved in Netflix’s new show, ‘Deadendia’, being created by MysteryQ in London. I have moved into the Pipeline Director role for this project. It has been seriously challenging stepping up to meet the demands of this role through the Covid-19 pandemic, but the team are phenomenal and I’ve been loving it!

Cannot wait for it to air on Netflix next year. It is so much fun! It’s charming, clever, spooky and funny. Hamish has created a stunning diverse range of characters, with our main character Barney being transgender and Norma being neurodiverse.

You can read a bit more about it here:

Let’s Not Go Away

We worked on this absolutely amazing little Christmas short in Blue-Zoo. It’s a music video for Scouting For Girls Christmas song “Let’s Not Go Away”. It was directed by Blue-Zoo’s People and Talent co-ordinator, Katie Gascoyne, who won a blind pitch for it. It was a really quick turn-around (just 6 weeks) but the 2D team got a chance to jump in and create and it was incredibly good fun!

I rigged Mandy, the main female character. And some background characters too.


“It’s Pony”, episode 1

Nickelodeon has released the first episode of “It’s Pony”, the show I’ve been working on, as a Christmas Day special. I have been loving working on this show. It’s so cute, funny and charming. Be sure and keep an eye out for it on Nickelodeon in 2020!


Access: VFX Summer School

For the class, I made a very simple little rabbit rig in Toon Boom Harmony and had my students make him jump. I did a little demo animation as well!

Rigging on Dorothy & the Wizard of Oz – 00.32sec onwards (Wheeler rigs in action!) – 00.52 sec onwards for chef rig, and 01.03 sec for munchkin rig

I rigged things on Dorothy & the Wizard of Oz! It was the first show I worked on as a Toon Boom Harmony rigger. I started on props & worked my way up to incidental characters. I rigged on Littlest Peg Shop for a short time after that.  Now I rig on Rescue Bots Academy and rig main and incidental characters.